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MP3 Jukebox Project

Welcome to the projects page for the Williams Amusements MP3 Jukebox.

After recently purchasing this with a known fault regarding the PC giving no display, I’ve now got it in the shop to work on!

Initial inspections I made before powering up the unit gave a couple of possible causes; a PCI card had raised slightly from its slot, potentially giving an issue.

The PC unit, treat view.

Another possible is regarding the VGA cable (yes, it’s a few years old!) which appears to have a pin missing. I’ll be honest, it’s years since I last used one of those cables so my memory could be wrong, but I’m sure there shouldn’t be any pins missing! However, I have seen a different PC display with no issues at time of purchase so maybe this isn’t a problem after all…..

Pin 9 seems to be missing

After looking up pin-out diagrams online, it looks like pin 9 is supposed to be missing, so it’s unlikely this is the issue!

Over the next few days I’ll have to dig out my boxes of leads and see if I have a VGA cable in storage, if not I will order one just to satisfy my curiosity.

Making sure all connections are correct, powering up the unit just gives a blank screen. The hard drive and power lights are lit up on the front of the pc but it doesn’t sound like much is happening…. no audible whirring of the hd and nothing but a low hum through the speakers.

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